At what age should I start grooming my puppy ?
It is never too soon to start grooming.  You should start brushing your puppy the day you bring it home, as it is an important part of the bonding process.  As soon your puppy has completed it’s vaccinations (usually around 12 weeks of age) it should start making regular visits to the grooming salon to get acquainted with the groomer & professional grooming process, minimising stress & nerves for future visits.  Grooming is a large part of your dog’s life & hopefully will be a pleasurable one.

How long will my dog be at the salon ?
That depends on the breed of the dog, it’s behaviour & the condition of it’s coat. Most dogs take between

1½ to 2 hours for a full groom.  I can call you to let you know when your dog is ready for collection.

My dogs coat is matted / tangled, can you brush it out ?
Most dogs have a few tangles & mats which can be removed, but severe de-matting can be very time consuming, not to mention stressful & painful for your dog.  If the coat is very matted, often the only humane option is to clip the matted coat short & start again.

The animal welfare act states that it’s an offence to cause animals pain or discomfort, & I reserve the right to refuse to do anything I think may be detrimental to your dog’s well-being.  Ultimately your dog’s well-being & comfort is always my top priority.

Can I bring a shampoo prescribed by my vet ?
Yes, as long as it is clearly marked with instructions.

My dog does not like other dogs !
Not a problem.  Your dog will be groomed on a one to one basis. There will be no other dogs in the salon.

Do you clear anal glands ?
Yes, anal glands can be emptied whilst your dog is in the bath.  Please ask for this to be done when you arrive for your appointment.

Can I stay with my dog ?
Generally it is better not to as I find that dogs are much better behaved when the owner is not around to distract them (not unlike children!)  The exceptions to this rule are if your dog suffers with fits, is very elderly/infirm or is extremely nervous.

Will my dog be muzzled ?
I seldom find it necessary to muzzle a dog. However, if your dog shows signs of aggression or biting/licking at the clippers/scissors it will be muzzled for it’s own safety & mine.

Can you just trim my dog’s nails ?

Do you do hand stripping ?


How much will it cost ?
Prices are subject to the breed & overall condition of your dog’s coat. Until I meet your dog it is difficult to quote an exact price, but I can offer a price guide over the phone based on a dog in average condition for the breed.  Matted & badly behaved dogs will incur an additional charge.

Do I need to make an appointment ?
Yes, grooming is by appointment only.

Do you charge a cancellation fee ?
Yes (unless I am able to fill your appointment).  No shows, last minute cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and continual rescheduling will be subject to a cancellation fee (50% of standard groom charge) as the time could  be allocated to another customer.  You may be required to prepay before your next appointment will be booked.

Why won’t my dog let me groom him ?  He fidgets too much !
Try elevating your dog by putting him on a table or work top.  Stand him on a non slip surface (a car or bath mat is ideal).  By doing this your dog will realise this is groom time, not play time and in most cases dogs will be much better behaved, more co-operative & are far more likely to stand still.  There is no substitute for daily brushing/grooming. The most common places mats start are behind the ears, the neck where the collar sits, in the armpits & the crotch area.

You may not be aware of it, but mats are a serious problem & can be detrimental to your dog’s well being.  A mat can become so tight it can tear the skin & cut blood circulation off to the areas that are affected. Matting can also restrict the dog’s movement, creating a veritable straight jacket.  Matting will prevent the skin from breathing & will hide a multitude of problems including lumps, sores, infections, cuts, fleas, ticks & maggots etc.



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